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Boulder City BVU BLD KBVU Boulder City Municipal Airport P-N 169,923

Elko EKO EKO KEKO Elko Regional Airport (J.C. Harris Field) P-N 21,863

Las Vegas LAS LAS KLAS McCarran International Airport P-L 18,996,738

Las Vegas / North Las Vegas VGT VGT KVGT North Las Vegas Airport P-N 64,674

Reno RNO RNO KRNO Reno/Tahoe International Airport P-M 1,857,488

Other airports with scheduled passenger service

Ely ELY ELY KELY Ely Airport (Yelland Field) GA [nb 1] 245

Reliever airports

Carson City CXP CSN KCXP Carson Airport R

Las Vegas / Henderson HND HSH KHND Henderson Executive Airport R 13,272

Reno RTS  KRTS Reno/Stead Airport R

General aviation airports

Alamo L92   Alamo Landing Field GA

Austin TMT ASQ KTMT Austin Airport GA

Battle Mountain BAM BAM KBAM Battle Mountain Airport GA

Beatty BTY BTY KBTY Beatty Airport GA

Eureka 05U EUE  Eureka Airport GA

Fallon FLX FLX KFLX Fallon Municipal Airport GA

Gabbs GAB GAB KGAB Gabbs Airport GA

Hawthorne HTH HTH KHTH Hawthorne Industrial Airport (was Hawthorne Municipal) GA

Jackpot 06U KPT  Jackpot Airport (Hayden Field) GA

Jean 0L7   Jean Airport GA

Lovelock LOL LOL KLOL Derby Field GA

Mesquite 67L MFH  Mesquite Airport GA 22

Minden MEV MEV KMEV Minden-Tahoe Airport GA 43

Overton U08   Overton Municipal Airport (Perkins Field) GA

Owyhee 10U   Owyhee Airport GA

Panaca 1L1   Lincoln County Airport GA

Silver Springs SPZ  KSPZ Silver Springs Airport GA

Tonopah TPH TPH KTPH Tonopah Airport GA 1

Wells LWL LWL KLWL Wells Municipal Airport (Harriet Field) GA

Winnemucca WMC WMC KWMC Winnemucca Municipal Airport GA 24

Yerington O43   Yerington Municipal Airport GA

Other public use-airports (not listed in NPIAS)

Cal-Nev-Ari 1L4   Kidwell Airport  4

Carson City 2Q5   Parker Carson Airport (was Parker Carson STOLport)

Crescent Valley U74   Crescent Valley Airport

Currant 9U7   Currant Ranch Airport

Dayton / Carson City A34   Dayton Valley Airpark

Denio E85   Denio Junction Airport

Duckwater 01U   Duckwater Airport

Dyer 2Q9   Dyer Airport

Empire 1A8   Empire Airport

Fernley N58   Tiger Field

Goldfield 0L4   Lida Junction Airport

Kingston N15   Kingston Airport

Mina 3Q0   Mina Airport

North Fork 08U   Stevens-Crosby Airport

Overton 0L9   Echo Bay Airport

Reno / Spanish Springs N86   Spanish Springs Airport

Sandy Valley 3L2   Sky Ranch Airport

Searchlight 1L3   Searchlight Airport

Smith N59   Rosaschi Air Park

Other government/military airports

Fallon NFL NFL KNFL NAS Fallon (Van Voorhis Field)

Indian Springs INS INS KINS Creech Air Force Base (Indian Springs AF Aux.)  93

Las Vegas LSV LSV KLSV Nellis Air Force Base  2,726

Mercury NV65 DRA  Desert Rock Airport (owned by U.S. DOE, was FAA: DRA)

Mercury L23   Pahute Mesa Airstrip (owned by U.S. Dept of Energy)

Mercury NV11 UCC  Yucca Airstrip (owned by U.S. Dept of Energy)

Tonopah TNX XSD KTNX Tonopah Test Range Airport

Area 51   KXTA [1] Homey Airport [1]

Proposed airports

Las Vegas    Ivanpah Valley Airport (proposed opening 2017)

Notable private-use airports

Gerlach 88NV   Black Rock City Airport [1] [2]

Pahrump NV74   Calvada Meadows Airport

Round Mountain NV83   Hadley Airport (formerly public-use, was FAA: A36)

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