Working for you, an aircraft owner, Golden State Air Charter will be there advocating on your behalf to save you time and money .Through our turn-key services ,Golden State Air Charter has discounts on Fuel, Aircraft Hangar and Storage, Professional Detailing and Pilot Services. Leave all the worries to us!


Fuel Services


We have access to significant discounts on fuel, offered only to our tenants and customers.


Jet A (Prist available)



Call Ahead to have aircraft pulled out, fueled, and ready for your departure

Aircraft Hangar and Storage

Completed in June of 2010, Golden State Air Charter has 60,000 square feet of hangar and office space inside the security fence on the west side of Meadows Field. If you are looking for a new home for your aircraft, please check out our new facility before you make your decision. Not only will you have access to discounted fuel rates, you will also be able to utilize our Detailing Service and Pilot Services.

We believe in the phrase “The best safety device in any cockpit is a well-trained pilot”. Our captains attend FAA-approved full-motion simulator training programs every six months. This recurrent training consists of full-motion simulator training, classroom training, and an FAA-approved competency test. Pilot qualifications at Golden State Air Charter are similar to that of the airlines, including minimums for training and flight time experience.


The training facility we use is likewise bound by the FAA to maintain high standards and adhere to strict guidelines for safety. We currently use Flight Safety International, the largest independent provider of full-motion simulator and compliance training in the world. They have been training and testing pilots for over 75 years and are highly regarded by the FAA for their standards.


Charter Revenue


If you are looking to offset the cost of ownership, we can discuss lease-back options that generate charter revenue for you, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. If you decide to utilize this option, we will handle FAA conformity paperwork and inspection (for commercial operations), marketing your aircraft, crewing, maintaining your aircraft to FAA Commercial Charter standards, and billing/invoicing. Take advantage of the tax write-off you can get when you use your aircraft for charter purposes.

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